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3 Simple Steps to Get Your Social Security Card


Answer simple questions when prompted


Pay small fee and download fully completed form


Sign the form and follow accompanying instructions to get your card

  • Apply from home
  • Interactive questionnaire
  • Customized instruction
  • SS5 form backup
  • Printer-free(mail documents)
  • Apply by phone
  • 24/7 support (via email)
  • 7 days a week support (via phone)
  • Free corrections (3 times)
  • Unlimited downloads for a month
  • Money back guarantee
  • Proof reading your application (for an extra $5 charge)
Use this website to easily prepare application for applying, updating, editing information on or replacement of your Social Security card. Just answer easy to understand questions when prompted and download your fully completed application form at the end.
You can apply for your Social Security card in the Social Security Office. There is no fee to be paid. We only charge a nominal fee to take away all the hassle of reading complicated instructions and filling out forms.
The length of time can vary depending on any further information required by the Social Security Office. Having said that you should receive your card in post in around two weeks.
We use state of the art security server. Our website is hosted on world renowned godaddy server with extra security layer of SSL. Your information will be secured with us.
How this works
Social Security

We all know that filling-in official forms can be quite daunting. Applying for Social Security Card for any reason means understanding the proper documentation needed with countless trips to the Social Security Office and endless searching online. There are so many options and requirements it can be quite overwhelming.

To make the whole process easy and quick, we started Quick Apply Pro service. No need to waste time looking for information and understand complicated instructions. Just follow simple prompts on our website and enter your correct information.

Important Note: and, Online Service Ltd., the company that manages this website, is a private entity and is not affiliated with or endorsed by the SSA or any other US Government agency. is essentially an assistance service to help its users with filling in various official forms correctly and efficiently without having to wait in queues thus saving time and money. A BLANK application form can be found for free by visiting the SSA website or your local office. Let us do the hard work for you and prepare your forms today only for a small fee of $30. This will include many valuable added services such as your completed SS-5 form, step by step simple instructions, an extended customer service support and money back guarantee.

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