How this works

We all know that filling-in official forms can be quite daunting. Applying for Social Security Card for any reason means understanding the proper documentation needed with countless trips to the Social Security Office and endless searching online. There are so many options and requirements it can be quite overwhelming.

To make the whole process easy and quick, we started Quick Apply Pro service. No need to waste time looking for information and understand complicated instructions. Just follow simple prompts on our website and enter your correct information.

Once you have completed that process and paid a one time processing fee, simply download, save and print your completed SS-5 form along with tailor made instructions about what to do next.

These instructions will also tell you about additional documents you need to submit along with your application form to the Social Security Administration Office.

So whether you want to apply for your first Social Security card, want to change or correct information on your Social Security number record or need a replacement Social Security card, no need to worry about filling in forms and reading complicated instructions. Just use our service with money back guarantee and let us do the hard work for you.

Click here now and follow our easy step by step process which is quick and simple. Your SS-5 application form will be filled-in without any hassle and from the comfort of your computer.

Alternatively, you can file directly with the SSA, as many people told us they tried to do, free of charge at Social Security Administration website or their local office in your area. Don't forget our service has a money back guarantee too.

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